SEEDS - Stora Enso Design System


Our illustration style

The Stora Enso illustration style must always express and maintain the visual identity. Please note, that these guidelines only apply to illustrations. For any other application see the Stora Enso brand colors.


  • Do not use clipart or create any new illustration styles

  • Use professional illustrators

  • Use the examples on this page when creating new illustrations

  • When creating new illustrations, please add them to BMT for you colleagues to be able to access the illustration files as well

Illustration colors

When creating illustratoins, use the Stora Enso illustration colours and tints first. The primary colors should form the base for the illustrations, and the complementary color themes can be used to color up the illustrations. Colours outside of the Stora Enso colour palette can be used in order to more realistically represent the subject matter. Plese use only solid colors and different tints per one area, gradient colors are not according to our brand guidelines.

Stora Enso illustration colors

Examples of illustrations

Examples of Stora Enso illustration style

Old illustration style and examples

Our old illustration style used mostly only Stora Enso brand colors. You can still use the old illustrations if needed, but when creating new illustrations please apply the new illustration style and colors. Below, please find some examples of our old illustrations style.

Stora Enso illustration style old examples

Download the existing illustrations

We try to collect all our illustration files to BMT for everyone in Stora Enso being able to use the existing illustrations. Please find the existing illustrations here in BMT.