SEEDS - Stora Enso Design System

Other visual assets

Identifier shape

The Stora Enso identifier shape is a graphical element used to highlight important information and add character, colour and energy to our communication. The shape comes from one of the petals of the Stora Enso logo.

The identifier shape gives the brand clear recognition in both printed and digital channels and is used throughout the entire identity tying all applications together.

Identifier shape colours

The identifier shape must be used in one of the Stora Enso colours and tints.

Identifier shape applications

In many of our applications the identifier shape is applied in colour at the beginning and at the end, such as on the newsletter cover and back. The identifier shape is also used to crop and frame images, such as on our brochures and PowerPoint covers.

All applications that include the identifier shape are fixed templates that can be downloaded from the BMT.

  • Do not overuse the identifier shape, e.g. only use it once on a page or spread.

  • Always use the provided identifier shapes defined in these guidelines, never create your own versions.

  • The identifier shape should not be placed directly on top of an image, always include clear space around it.

  • Please note that in the majority of cases, the identifier shape always rises from left to right so that it communicates a forward movement rather than declining. This also leaves adequate space for the logo. In some applications the identifier shape is applied in a different angle, such as PowerPoint cover slides.


Stora Enso’s materials play an important role in communicating our business and brand. Stora Enso’s materials should be used as often as possible in communication and marketing. When creating printed products always use Stora Enso’s wood and paper, and always use Stora Enso materials in all physical moments of interaction with the Stora Enso brand, such as exhibition stands and fairs.

Stora Enso materials include wood, different types of boards and papers, pulp and for example bio-composites.