SEEDS - Stora Enso Design System



Images play an essential role in communicating the Stora Enso brand. That is why the idea and the quality of the images are very important. All Stora Enso images have a journalistic touch and focus on telling a bigger story. Using professional photographers and stylists is the best way to ensure the Stora Enso look and feel, but telling the bigger story relies on input and insight from the whole team. The Stora Enso brand guidelines can be sent to photographers as instruction manuals.

Photography agreements

When buying services from a photographer, always use the agreements provided by Legal. These can be found and downloaded on the BMT, and include phototographer, model and branded product agreements. Images without these agreements should never be used in any Stora Enso materials.

Stora Enso public image bank

You can find a selection of images for journalistic purposes and general use in Stora Enso public image bank. All Stora Enso images can be found on the BMT and are available for Stora Enso employees.

General rules

All photography should follow these guidelines:

  • Images should be shot from an editorial or journalistic point of view, i.e. tell an interesting story with the photo.

  • Use realistic situations and environments. Do not make the photos look too obvious or staged.

  • Do not photoshop elements into images.

  • Use distinctive cropping that draws you into the photo.

  • Have clear focus on the subject with a soft focus background/foreground. Use depth of field to create dynamic images.

  • Shoot from engaging angles and perspectives.

  • Remember that the subject is the hero. Make sure that the surroundings are not too cluttered or distracting.

  • Make sure things are correct in the image (safety regulations, corporate identity, etc.).

  • Avoid using flash or artificial lighting if possible.

  • Do not add 3D, drop shadows or other effects.

Attention: Always sign an agreement with the photographer giving Stora Enso all rights for the images. A photography rights release form can be found on the Brand Management Tool.


People – Employees : Pictures of people working for Stora Enso

Customers – Products in Use : People using products from Stora Enso

Product photography : Pictures of Stora Enso products

Location photography : Locations connected to Stora Enso and Stora Enso products