SEEDS - Stora Enso Design System

Tone of voice


Stora Enso’s tone of voice conveys our personality as a brand and should remain consistent in all situations.

As a company we are transforming, we are forward looking and positive, we listen to our customers and stakeholders, we aim to find new solutions to new and old challenges, we celebrate success and learn from mistakes, and most importantly, we say what we mean and do what we say. We don’t use buzz words or statements without real meaning.

In our tone of voice, we should always strive to be:

Clear, simple and concise

Respectful, honest and approachable

Engaging, welcoming and friendly



Focus on the message. Start with the main point or the most important content in the opening paragraph, followed by important details and other background information.

  • Be concise: Use short words and sentences.

  • Be specific: Avoid vague language. Get to the point quickly.

  • Be inspiring: Include interesting facts and examples.

  • Be consistent: A consistent style and tone allows customers and other stakeholders to recognise our brand.

  • Write relevant content: Think about who you are writing for, what message you want to get across, and what kind of information you need to provide to accomplish that.

  • Write clear headlines that are meaningful to the reader: Use active words. A good headline captures the essence of the story.

  • Write for an international audience: Keep the language down-to-earth and accessible. Many of our readers are not native English speakers. Use simple words and sentence structures.

  • Avoid jargon, generalisations and abbreviations: Write in plain English, using realistic examples. If you need to use a technical term, briefly define it so everyone can understand.

  • Be careful when writing from the “we” perspective: When using “we,” make sure it is clear who the “we” is, such as a department, division, team or company.