SEEDS - Stora Enso Design System

CX Metrics Framework

Track and measure the customer / user / beneficiary experience when your product/service is in use, with the right metrics.

Your product/service is out there! Are you done? Nope, not at all.

Sometimes after putting a lot of effort to develop and launch a service, we jump to next thing without following-up its impact. Maybe simple efforts like providing better onboarding tutorial, or addressing some usability issues that came up in real life usage would have improved the service a lot. This framework provides the guidelines to come up with such meaningful metrics for usage and impact tracking purposes.

The metric(s) you use needs to have these 5 qualities:


Your metric should be meaningful when it comes to measure your target, e.g. retention, perception of value, growth etc. . To achieve that meaningfulness :

  • Identify a key user behaviour for that target. (Not opinion but behaviour (e.g. sign-ins, referrals, time spent, amount of specific activities etc.)

  • Identify the user interactions for that behaviour.

  • Figure out the right numbers to track those interactions.

  • Rates and ratios tell more than absolute values for tracking purposes.

  • For example instead of ” Total number of content sharing”, you should track ”% of users that share content”.

  • Your metric should be captured at regular intervals; weekly, monthly, quarterly etc.

  • This will make it comparable also over a larger span of time (e.g. 2018 vs 2019).

Easy to maintain
  • If the data collection for your metric requires a lot of manual work, it won’t be sustainable to maintain.

  • Go for metrics that use more automated data collection processes.

  • Not having too many metrics also help with maintaining the focus for that phase of the project.

  • This is tightly connected to item #1; Meaningfulness.

  • You should be able to take actions that would nudge that key user behaviour.

  • Actionable metrics tie to specific and repeatable tasks you can improve for your objective. Not just one time only kind of marketing campaigns etc.

You can find an example case study following the above guidelines from this link.